Is Climate Change to Blame for the Heatwave Felt Worldwide This Summer?

According to The Guardian’s editorial: “The Guardian view on the heatwave: our climate is endangered”:

> The NHS is experiencing a “summer crisis”, with increased emergency admissions and uncomfortable conditions in buildings not equipped for the heat, while the Met Office has warned that the UK temperature record of 38.5C could be broken on Friday. Authorities in Greece are dealing with the aftermath of devastating wildfires that killed at least 85 people, while efforts to control blazes in Sweden and in California continue. In Japan, 23,000 people have been taken to hospital in the past week and the weather described by officials as a “disaster”. In Algeria, a new African record has been set of 51.3C.

We know as The Guardian points out that:

> Weather systems are highly complex and scientists are cautious about assigning specific causes to one-off events.

In fact, while the ability to predict weather has become more exact science in the past few years, it is still imperfect.

However they go on to explain:

> But experts are already pointing to global warming as a driver for the current heatwave, with a study based on computer models and temperature data due to be published by scientists at Oxford University on Friday.

What is the answer? Do you agree with The Guardian that:

> Treating the symptoms of climate change makes no sense if the causes are not tackled at the same time.

Climate change is affecting every aspect of our lives and it will take a world effort to get back to a cleaner, cooler planet.

Reality Changing Observations:

Q1. What do you think about climate change?

Q2. Do you agree that we need to reduce the causes of climate change?

Q3. What can you do to help stop global warming?

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