Walmart Grocery App Review- Shop at Walmart and Never Leave Your Car!

Published September 15, 2018

When I order from the Walmart Grocery app a Walmart employee does the shopping for me and brings it to my car at a time window I select. I make my grocery order at or through the Walmart Grocery App (available on iOs or Android) with my account.

I am all about decluttering my schedule and I have never met an app that saved me so much time. Almost two hours every week were shaved off my chore list from the moment I downloaded it. If you want to know how much I love this app, this commercial embodies all the feels. ​

​The ambiance is only increased when I can pull up my Walmart Grocery app and go grocery shopping in bed. Timesaving has never been so alluring. When I receive the “Your order has been picked up” email with the itemized receipt, it will list the Savings Catcher TC# at the top of the email. I simply copy it and put it into the Walmart App in the Savings Catcher section. Walmart checks top competitors for advertised deals and if they find a lower price, I’ll get the difference. This can then be redeemed at my next purchase.

I also save money because there is always a running tally at the top of your home screen so I can stick to my budget, something which I don’t have if I’m walking the aisles, trying to wrangle a five-year-old, the baby, and the cart while purchasing a week’s worth of food in a monstrous warehouse. And sometimes I just want to pick up my groceries in my PJs and no shoes for the kiddos because I can.

In addition to saving time and money, Walmart has the best produce selection in our neighborhood so we are also eating more fresh vegetables and fruits.

But as you shop in the virtual aisles, you do come across some unusual entries like this:

As I was putting together my order this morning I came across this typo as well:

Typos aside, the only drawback is there is nowhere in the Walmart Grocery app to add notes. If I order a product that they later find out is unavailable when they are putting my cart together, it would be helpful if I could specify substitutes instead of just toggling an “allow substitutes” button on or off. Other than that, I am wholeheartedly endorsing the Walmart Grocery App. It has saved me more time and sanity than any other app.

Reality Changing Observations:

Q1. What are some things you would do instead if you didn’t ever have to go to a grocery store again?

Q2. What is your favorite grocery app? How does this app compare?

Q3. What is your favorite timesaving app?

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