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Christian Transhumanism: Envisioning God’s Will on Earth via Technology

(Editor’s note: The 2019 Christian Transhumanist Conference is scheduled for Saturday, October 19th in Nashville, TN.) Imagine… It’s Sunday morning. You and your spouse are up and ready for church. One child
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Churches as Tech Community Centers

Automation anxiety is real. According to a recent Pew survey, 72 percent of Americans
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Can Eating a Plant-Based Diet Save the World?

There are many reasons that people choose to eat a primarily plant-based diet.
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Adapt or Die: How to Future-Proof Your Church

How churches engage in ministry is changing more rapidly than ever before. The continued exponential growth of technology, global collaboration and growing disruptions caused by these developments will only continue to force ministries to adapt or die. Here are several ways that you can begin to “future-proof” your church.
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