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May 2020

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Bumps Ahead

Even when you see the warning signs sometimes, it doesn’t make the flood easier.
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Bless This Mess

Jealousy drives a wedge that only the Holy Spirit can heal.
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Friends With Strangers

Joining social media has opened new doors in my life I didn’t know I needed open.
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That Kitchen Sink

Sometimes God finds us in the most unlikely places. But instead of running away, maybe we should kneel.
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Support Is More Than a Good Underwire Bra

Everybody needs somebody sometimes.
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I Will Never Let Go, Jack

While the ship isn’t sinking, we are feeling a flood like none other right now.
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A Life That’s Full of Wonder Is a Wonderful Life

A great divide needs only a long enough bridge.
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Life Can Be A Sobering Experience

Don’t be the reason your life doesn’t go the way you want it to.
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Don’t Dance If You Don’t Want To

Sometimes we feel the feelings out of things. Let it not be okay if it isn't.
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Here’s Your Sign

Sometimes a last-ditch effort is the beginning of an end.
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Churches as Tech Community Centers

Automation anxiety is real. According to a recent Pew survey, 72 percent of Americans
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Can Eating a Plant-Based Diet Save the World?

There are many reasons that people choose to eat a primarily plant-based diet.
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Adapt or Die: How to Future-Proof Your Church

How churches engage in ministry is changing more rapidly than ever before. The continued exponential growth of technology, global collaboration and growing disruptions caused by these developments will only continue to force ministries to adapt or die. Here are several ways that you can begin to “future-proof” your church.
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